Wine Tasting 101

Structured to be accessible to both professional bartenders and interested amateurs, we aim to remove much of the mystery and intimidation that surrounds selecting the correct wine. In a relaxed and accessible environment, you will experience 6 distinct wines. As you discuss each wine, you will learn about the history of the grape and the region that it was grown in. This will help you to appreciate the differences in color, scent, taste and texture between the wines. You will also discover how to pair wine with food. At the end of the evening you will leave us confident in your ability to swirl, swish and select the best wine. You will receive a Bar Craft Certificate for completing our Wine Seminar. *This seminar is also available for private groups, call or email for details.

Wine Tasting 101 - $50.00 -

Advanced Cocktail

Our Advanced Cocktail Seminar has been designed to teach you how to create cocktails using fresh, seasonal fruits and herbs, and culinary techniques all wrapped up in an enjoyable and interactive evening. In a relaxed environment you will be asked to explore and experiment in the craft of making cocktails. As part of your journey you will create and concoct cocktails such as Ceasers, Mojitos, and Margaritas with fresh herbs, exotic spices, and unusual fruits and vegetables like Cucumber and Blood Oranges. Increasingly the industry is moving towards using the freshest ingredients possible. This new trend means that bartenders are required to use seasonal ingredients and cut colourful garnishes to create vibrant and tasty cocktails. This program will introduce you to this new way of thinking. *This seminar is also available for private groups.

Advanced Cocktail - $75.00 -


Craft Beer Beginner

For those who appreciate craft beers, life has never been so good. There are 133 craft breweries so far in BC alone, so if you are Craft Beer enthusiast and would like to learn more on the then our Craft Beer Seminar is what you are looking for. Join us for a 3 hour seminar on the world of Craft Beer.  You will taste a few local beers and you will learn how to read and smell the flavors from the brew. By the end of the seminar you will be able to decide what is the best for you and what you may like to introduce to your friends. This seminar is good for anybody looking to learn more about craft beer or even looking to start a career within a craft beer pub.

Craft Beer Beginner - $50.00 -

Flair Bartending

Flair bartending is a skill that can open doors to better jobs, better tips, and can turn a boring night at the bar into a party atmosphere. Customers gravitate to the bartender with the slick moves. Sales go up, and customers come back more often, so your manager is happy. Tips go up, and the nights are just more fun, so you are happy. We are confident that this seminar will pay for itself in a few shifts, through an increase in your tips. The main focus of this seminar is “working flair”. These are movements that can be done in a busy bar setting, with the tools bartenders use everyday.

- $50.00 -