Bartender Course Certification

The Bar Craft Bartender Certification Course teaches you more than how to serve drinks. You will learn how to market yourself as a professional bartender, secure a rewarding job and make great tips. In addition to this, we will also teach you how to keep your bar organized and serve your customers in a professional manner. By the time you complete your studies you will not only be confident in your skills but also be ready to make an impact in the workforce.

Bartenders Certification - $327.00 - Tax Included

Bartender Enhanced Program

A skilled and professional bartender is always in demand. The Bartending Enhanced Package Includes: Our 20 hour Bartender Certification Class. Study during the week, in the evening or on the weekend, this course allows you to get hands on experience and earn a Bartending Certificate. You will learn the basics of mixology and how to work effectively behind a busy bar. This Program includes 4 seminars to elevate your knowledge and employability.

Bartender Enhanced Program - $545.00 - Tax Included

Bartender Basics

Program Description: Our you somebody who wants to learn a few wines, craft beers and the art of mixing cocktails for your guests or yourself? Then this class is for you! During the 5 hour class you will touch base on a few different wines so you know what to serve with your dinner, taste a few craft beers so you won't have to buy the usual, and learn to craft some cocktails. By the end of your class you will be able to host a dinner party with a selection of wines, beers, and cocktails which will definitely impress your guests. NO ALCOHOL AND NO CERTIFICATION as this is a class for knowledge and fun.

Bartender Basics - $99.00 - Tax Included