Langley Bartender Enhanced Program


Bartender Enhanced Program

Summer Special $499.00

The Bartender Enhanced Program includes are 20 hour Bartender Certification Program, Plus all 4 Seminars

The majority of your learning time will be spent behind the bar,

Here you will be able to get hands on as you explore various concepts, recipes and serving techniques.

Expand you professional knowledge,

Our 1 Night Wine Tasting Seminar. Here you will learn how to serve and appreciate wine as well as discovering how to pair wine with food and the fascinating history of the grape.

Our 1 Day Flair Bartending Seminar will teach you how to effortlessly flip bottles, toss limes, spin shakers and leave your customers stunned. Adding flair to your bartending can not only increase your sales and tips but also help you to catch the eye of potential employers.

Our 1 Night Advanced Cocktails Seminar will help you to master all these skills. Incorporating fresh ingredients into your drinks is the latest twist. However to do this effectively requires a lot of skill. As well as being able to identify the best seasonal ingredients you must be able to infuse, dilute and double strain.

Our 1 Night Craft Beer Seminar. Join us for a 3 hour seminar on the world of Craft Beer. You will taste a few local beers and you will learn how to read and smell the flavors from the brew.

Upon completing our Bartending Enhanced program you will have the skills and knowledge to work as a bartender anywhere in the world. Our courses are designed to give you a solid foundation in bartending as well as additional skills such as wine knowledge, flair moves and the ability to liven up your cocktails by incorporating fresh ingredients. What is more, you can enjoy all this at the best possible price thanks to our Bartending Enhanced Program discount.

Graduates of our bartending program can return anytime,

FREE refresher classes.

Bartender Enhanced Class Schedule: